Tel-aviv University

“Hi, if you wondered, don’t wonder – this course will set your sights in the right direction. This course is giving answers to questions and dilemmas occurring during PMś work and career course.”
Eitan Weiss, System Administrator at Tel Aviv University


“I strongly recommend this course. The course is very comprehensive and provide a clear picture on the role of product management.
The team is very experienced and helped me to get into the role seamlessly.”

Eli Efrati, Director, Product Line Manager, Orckit


“This course will provide you the right tools in order to deal with the many spects that are part of the Product Management position.
One of its main advantages is the focus it gives to the hi-tech sector, rather than just a general PM course.”

Sebastian Goldring, Product Manager & Presales Engineer, Teledata


“I found the course very useful and interesting. It really used as a good “book” for all (360°) PM tasks. The trainers were highly experienced and came from the heart of the Israeli Hi-Tech industry.
I recommend it a lot and not only for juniors PM.”

Yoram Hamo, Product Manager, Dialogic


“The high recommandation rate for this course speaks for itself. The content is interesting, the speakers are experienced and bring the content to life, and the group dynamic that emerged during the course I participated in was great and contributed a lot to the experience. It clarified the major aspects in Product Management, and it’s a great place to prepare for a PM role.”

Natti Bar-On, Co Founder


“I enjoyed this course very much. A comprehensive, insightful, and enlightening view of the Product Management dicipline. Apart from the very professional review of challenges and methodolgies, the course staff made it into a collaborative learning journey, enabling each participant and the instructors themselves to learn from each other.”

Rami Citrom, System Architect, AT&T


“I would like to recomend the course to every company that is looking for the future better business results. Starvision lecturers not only provide a professional methodologies but also bring own experience to the class. Reviewing different aspects of the business open the mind and push us to innovative product managment approach. Regards, Lilia Feldman”

Lilia Feldman, Lead Auditor & Global QS, Lumenis


“I participated in course number 4 and as a product manager enjoyed the course and learned a lot. The subjects in the course are related both to product management and to product marketing. This is very important from my view point. another benefit was the fact that variety of people attended, R&D, QA, Marketing, Sales, Product Managers etc. the sessions are usually open discussion and it was very interesting…
Ido Hershkovitz, Procedure product manager, Simbionix


“Product Managment in our days is a mandatory profession in each organization, companies should have this function in the organization in order to give objective view on the market and set the right direction of the products. In Retalix we send our product managers to learn and experience from the product managment course and we are expecting for large benefits looking forward…

Nir Pilo, Head of Customer & Marketing Products, Retalix