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With Cloud Filebox, get your files, photos and videos anywhere, anytime to any device. Cloud Filebox is scalable, robust and low cost solution offering unlimited storage and works the way you do.Cloud Filebox is a user-friendly solution that works in three simple steps. First, save your files then sync your files to your PC, MAC, Android, iPad, iPhone or any other electronic gadget.

Finally, your files will be available even if you are working offline.Cloud Filebox allows you to work anywhere, anytime at any device. Work, Upload, Share, Sync and Collaborate with Cloud Filebox.

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Collaborate and Share Privately

With Cloud Filebox, you can share exactly what you want to share with your business colleagues and friends. Work collaboratively and share privately in desktop folders

Take Control of the Photos in your Life

With Cloud Filebox, back-up your camera roll, free space that is valuable, and share folders that are chosen with family and friends.

While on the Go Stream Music

With Cloud Filebox, you will always have your mobile music library wherever you go. Stream music of your favorite artist in your car, on your phone, TV or computer.

Keep Yourself Updated

Cloud Filebox helps you to broadcast yourself on the social media. Keep your social network updated with latest happenings and push notifications about any changes you make.

App Development

The popularity of mobile applications has continously rise, as their usage has become increasingly prevalent across mobile phone users. Usage of mobile apps strongly correlates with user context.

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Explore our plans and pricing and get started today. Cloud Filebox storage solution offers wide variety of pricing and plans to satiate the needs and demands of diversified users. Learn more about our pricing and subscription plans.


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  • 2GB Storage
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  • Free Setup
  • 10GB Storage
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